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No one ever went broke from taking profits!

Money Capital was created for the specific reason of providing trading education to all. Trading the financial markets profitably can be hugely beneficial to individuals with the correct approach. However many people do not feel that trading is an option open to them because of inaccurate pre conceptions. For example, it’s too difficult to learn, I need a lot of money to start, I don’t have time, trading is reserved for rich and wealthy people. All untrue.

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For this reason we have created a platform made accessible to all, with a focus on simplifying the journey from novice to profitable trader.

The team has over 9 years professional trading experience, with an average win rate of 70% on trades taken.
We realised that there was a real lack of awareness in regards the financial markets and how to benefit from them.

Since 2018 our team of traders have been sharing the knowledge with those who want to learn and supporting students with their trading journey. 

Why learn forex?

The Forex market provides the highest levels of liquidity in the world. With around 5 trillion being traded on a daily basis. 

Skill for life

A comprehensive introduction to the world of trading and the psychology behind it.

Unlimited earning potential

Clear safety measures and guidelines and correct trading psychology.

All you need is Wi-Fi

You will be learn to analyse any chart, from Forex to Stocks and anything inbetween

Money Capital Strategy

A robust day trading strategy. Tried, tested and proven to provide profits on a regular basis.

Don't just take our word for it.

We have many positive reviews from our past students and have a 10/10 record when it comes to recommending our course.  We would like to thank everyone for their kind words and support. 


Always Social

Once you have sat our courses, that is not the end. We have on going support channels and info across our social media and Tradingivew groups.  It’s also a good way to know what our traders are looking at and their analysis from time to time. 

Learn With Us

Intro To Forex

Online Course
£ 499
  • 24/7 Access To Online Training
  • Money Capital Strategy
  • Money Capital Manual
  • Access To Webinar Sessions

Intro To Forex

Zoom Classes
£ 750
  • 24/7 Access To Online Training
  • Money Capital Strategy
  • Money Capital Manual
  • Access to Webinar Sessions
  • Real-time Mentorship
  • Live Workshop Day

Intro To Forex

5 Days In Person
£ 1000
  • 24/7 Access to Online Training
  • Money Capital Strategy
  • Money Capital Manual
  • Access To Webinar Sessions
  • In Person Mentorship
  • Live Workshop Day
  • Interactive Experience
  • Limited Class Size
Limted Dates


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